Customizing 11 iPhone 11s, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 (Giveaway)

30. Ruj 2019.
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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  • We hit 1 million likes! In the process of ordering 20+ iPhone 11s to giveaway 😂 Giving away 11 custom iPhone 11s! Join the giveaway! Btw please subscribe. I still have a cracked iPhone X since I want you guys to enjoy it first :) 1 million likes and I will give 20 iPhone 11s away! I'll actually do it lol Btw do not click on zhc giveaway. Don't get scammed please! Giveaways are only on this channel! First Comment: Cloud Bait109

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    • Hi

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    • hi, i'm having a birthday tomorrow, i'm a fan of you from indonesia, i want to gift the iPhone in the picture, please reply brother, given a present on my birthday, please?

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    • 𝙼𝚎 𝚙𝚕𝚜𝚜𝚜:(

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    • hi could you tell use what tape you use for covering iphone

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    • Cloud Bait109

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  • You are cool

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  • It's So Satisfying watching his Videooo

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  • Very cool 😍😍

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  • This is my first video when I started watching ZHC

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  • Wow😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

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  • Oct 1 2019 date when zhc contents became repetative i don't know what happen to zhc at this point.

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  • I need one bro plz

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  • Anyone else realize that this was our baby ZHC’s first customizing video? It seems like yesterday 😢

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    • Yes and this is all we can see from this point forward no more amazing contents like last year

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  • This is how many times this youtober has made someone day. Sup👇

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  • Me wishing i could buy this stuff and giving it away then me looks in wallet let’s see I have 15 dollars that should cover right

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  • Every video after this is garbage, stop customizing everything and actually draw.

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    • Exactly my point man I miss the old contents. Feel like this is a different channel

      Finnley LaraFinnley LaraPrije 22 sati

      Finnley LaraFinnley LaraPrije 22 sati
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  • I could really use a new phone 😂 mine is cracked

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  • Omg! How are you doing this?!! You’re like the coolest human ever!!!

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  • ZHC: walks into an apple store Apple employ: oh no, not again😂

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  • Zaxk: ill take it back michele: nuuuuuuuu

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  • I wany one but I'm in England and I can't give him my adress

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  • Can you give i phone in india

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  • Bro are you giving giveaways in india

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  • That is really thoughtfull of you, you have a kind heart

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  • Can I have one of them? I will gladly accept even if it is used as long as it still works. I will be using it for my online classes. I am currently using Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace given by my aunt. It's still good and usable but I had troubles when using it sometimes. My parents can't afford to buy a new one. Thank you.

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  • How are you that rich

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  • Really like what you do for people

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  • But you are sooooo talented❤️❤️

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  • I’m not hating because I’m a really big fan and each your videos for a long time it’s just that I feel like your drawings became less detailed

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  • "PHONE" "SUBBED" "PHILLIPINES" I WISH I WIN THIS I PHONE BECOUSE IDONT HAVE MONEY TO AFFORD THAT PHONE BECOUSE I DONT HAVE MONEY TO BUY A NEW PHONE BECOUSE MY PHONE IS TOO OLD ITS SAMSUNG MINI DUOS I DONT PLAY AND ONLINE CLASS I WISH I WIN THIS 😔😔 Im always watching your vids becouse im inspire to your drawing and i wish you see this my comment and win becouse i dont have a good quality of phone becouse my phone is too old and dont have space pls i wish im winning this for my online class 😔😔😔

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  • “Phone” “Subbed” “Zambia” Reason : I’ve been having issues with my screen, battery and my cameras don’t work 🙏🏽

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  • I wanna know does he give them to Bangladeshi’s tooo

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    • I don’t think

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  • maybe this is my lucky day and I hope it so🥺♥️

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  • There’s a slight problem with watching a video like this over a year after it was posted - I have an even smaller chance of winning the giveaway

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  • انا العربي الوحيد اللي احبه 😇

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  • It is so nice of you to give away all of those phone I’m such a big fan of your art and how nice you guys are

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    • Its the same vid over and over and almost none of his new subs even draw

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  • The day he gave up paper and instead customising 😭😔🤒 Every paper artist would love him now they would move on to a different art channel.

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