Surprising People With $1,000,000 Custom iPhones, iPads, Cars & More! (Giveaway) | ZHC

24. Lis 2020.
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I can't believe we gave away $1,000,000 worth of custom products to subscribers, random people and influencers!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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    • Plz can you give a mac book pro, I really need it for online classes 😫

      John ManoahJohn ManoahPrije dan
    • @MrBeast ✓ i

      Tawisha KhandelwalTawisha KhandelwalPrije 24 dana
    • i have been supporting you for long and i love your work sooo much!! 💕 Even though I know i won't winn, but i will still support you no matter what🙂 you deserve soo much more hype for your hard work 💞

      Nada Abou SaidNada Abou SaidPrije mjesec
    • You won't like rhis

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    • I’m a huge fan

  • Me me me

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  • Your vidos are the best❤

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  • I love your vidos

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  • Question. How much money did you spend kn markers!!!?!!!!??

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  • I live in Germany and know that I will never win a give away. Where can I buy your customized products ?

    Anonym DaimAnonym DaimPrije 8 sati
  • And do you import giveaways to other continents cos I'm in eu

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  • can you customize my ds with goku

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  • Amazing. You make so many people happy. I just enjoy watching you give away so many things.

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  • 😍😘

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  • Can I have an iPhone11 please.

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  • Instagram- cyndi lee johnson

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  • Wait wait wait are you allowed to compete if you're are only nine years old? This is for my little sister btw

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  • You should give away to wengie she is a famous HRexr

    sarah Harinksarah HarinkPrije 19 sati
  • Só eu so br?

    Letícia Israel FerreiraLetícia Israel FerreiraPrije 20 sati
  • I don't live in America I'm American but I live in Canada but it would be really nice if I could have giveaway

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  • I subscribe

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  • Ipohne pleas

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  • Amazing

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  • Sana all✊😩

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  • I might needa start practicing drawing stick figures then

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  • Can I get one please 🥺

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  • Great painting by ZHC

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  • Hello sir ...ur genius artist ....loved ur work.... form. India (Maharashtra)

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  • wow

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  • can be customize me

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  • I hope you give me too ❤❤

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  • you my favoret youtuber

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  • whoaaaaaaaaaaa thats cool

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  • Apple be like: I saw this man every day 😆

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  • Hi

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  • Hi what's up

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  • ZHC: I’m gonna do the world’s biggest giveaway Mr Beast: am I a joke to you?

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  • am I the only one in choc rn

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  • 👋

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  • Can I get some air pods plz I am a really big fan and I have been watching your HRex videos progress since your first one and I would really appreciate it if I could get one in the next giveaway

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  • Even i want🥺

  • I have been subribers since a year ago

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  • Thats so amazing!

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  • I hope I win and it won't be just me my mom and dad and little sister we don't have much because my mom can't work she has a disease called fibermyalga and it hurts her back and more and my dad has seizure and can't have a good paying job so we are tight on money and we had a car but along time ago my mom bought it and it was supposed to be good and it broke down a lot and we would get stuck alot and it would always be in the shop and a little bit ago it finally stopped working and as time went by the car bills for it breaking down all the time was 40 times the cost of the car so my mom was always stressed and stress made her diseases worse she has fibermyalga and it hurts her everyday. And its hard to get groceries and go to the doctor and I think my mom needs it she is alway in pain and sad and depressed she can't do more for use and I always say u do enough and she just doesn't think she dose. So my Christmas wish is for zhc to fly me my mom, dad and little sister out and give my mom a car and make her happy

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  • I love how nice u are

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  • I would fel so special

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  • If I won I would want a car because my mom bought a car a long time ago and it always was breaking down and we would get stuck places and my mom would cry a lot and we have a hard time with money and I would give it to my mom she is the best

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  • You are a different type yes 👍 and the best is to make your own decisions ✨ your

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  • Your nice.

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  • Can i have one

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  • 8:32 - 9:07 incredible ending

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  • I want to get but i am live in korea

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  • They are more rich than Steve jobs.

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  • Can I please get a giveaway love you all soo sooooooooo much 💝

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  • Is Michelle,her sister??????

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  • Am I too late... Haa.. doesn't matter anyway.. the only time I won a prize... I had to pay for it.

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  • Home tour

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  • Noice

  • I live in Hawaii does that mean I don’t have a chance to win since I live far?

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  • Visit serGoodz channel and subscribe... you'll not regret it!!

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  • بعجول

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  • Can I please have one because I want one so bad

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  • Next Mr Beast????? Your doing good man keep it going

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  • It's my birthday on Christmas. Plz can I have a gift. I would really appreciate it. I am suscribed.

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  • Sorry 18249 ohh and put a letter in the box or whatever and say Piper This is for you thank you for watching my videos

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  • that would pretty f@#$%^& dope if i was chosen

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  • Hello, your follower from Algeria is the best channel. I wish you more success

  • I hope i have 11 pro max

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  • “I asked my FRIEND ADDISON RAE”

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  • "macbook" "India" Reason: "Furthering my career with better performing devices."

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  • So what about international ones. Cause dude I learned to draw from u. So look me up if you are in India.

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  • If you guys ever get married and have a child of your own PLEASEEEE dye their hair half pink half blue :OOOO

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