Surprising The Hype House With A Custom School Bus

23. Kol 2020.
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I can't believe I spent this much money on a bus and gave it away lol
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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We even drew LilHuddy , Addison Rae , Charli D'Amelio , Dixie D'Amelio and more on the bus

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    • Ok

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    • I Saw how you triped on the staires into the bus xD You can’t hade nothing C=

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    • wearing a mr beast top lezz go

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    • hope i win❤️❤️❤️

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    • The bus looks so sick when it was all finished :)

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  • Now we costumize a new hype HOUSE 🏠

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  • This dude a billion air

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  • In the future:suprising the earth with a coustum moon

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  • Can I have one with a designs on it a iPhone11

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  • He is amazing

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  • But i sursreib

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  • I love you kann i have addison nAmbror

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  • Can I have one to a 11 pro

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  • you guys are amazingly talented

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  • What Cool crazy

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  • Nobody: People in the comments: 10 yEaRs LaTeR: sUrPrIsInG sPaCe WiTh A cUsToMiZeD sUn

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  • 60years later: surprising apple with a new apple store

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  • ZHC omg

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  • You cant cause I'm in philipines

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  • this is what like when zhc gets pink on his fav shoes:aww i got pink on my fav pair of shoes:zach:aww at least its pink:mell:zhc but i don't want it pink:mell well TOO BAD:me be like:XD yeah i do like pink oh and am watching me in 2020

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  • Do you play Fortnite

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  • 100 years later he custom makes the China wall

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  • 19 yes later gives his subscribers,a customized new ZHC

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  • mad suss s

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  • ayo bro?

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  • They drew all the members of the hype house at the time on the bus little did they know majority of them left

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  • What do your neighbors thing of your huge amazing house?!😂

  • i did alll pleas

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  • 1 sec later : customising the whole earth

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  • I love the zhc

  • 555

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  • He do be turning into Mrbeast tho

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  • Zhc is like a mini mr beast

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  • Did they need it? oh I'll answer that no they could buy one easily so instead how about you give money to people who need it

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  • 2:08 among us role reveal except the dun dun dun

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  • iam soo inlove with jen is she single?

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  • Who else think at this part is funny 2:02

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  • Wow so cool

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  • I love painting and colouring and you do too and this is amazing for me to speak in a comment and you are the best artist I just want to see you

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  • Me: Hmm those donuts look really good i wanna eat it! Wheel: uh oh Me: *nom* Wheel: wait am i a real donut? Me: *throws up* Wheel: Nvm like ples

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  • Me: sees James Charles The video: HI SHISTORS Lol

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  • people customizing a bus with umbrella hats on: we are just drawing guys nothing to see here the people driving by: DRAWING ON A BUS? WITH UMBRELLA HATS?

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  • WOW u did a really good job on the bus it looks amazing

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  • “ satisfying “

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  • Cool :D

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  • I live somewhere far so no way I’ll get one plus I’m young

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  • Bruh he's Mr beast but customize the things they bought lol 😂

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  • It would be nice if he gave people that need then the iPads instead of giving rich people 10 of them and there only gonna use like one or two. And the people he gives them to can afford to buy them on their own an other people cqnt

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  • this is so so so amazing

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  • Add ice is right

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  • Over 10 years: im going to custom paint some planets for some aliens!

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  • 4 yrs later surprised Ariana grande with a customer stage 😂

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  • ZHC should giveaway 17.6 million phones. Like or Comment if he should.

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  • I love the bus is very cool

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  • Lol that was funny

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  • ZHC MEANS Zach Has Creativity

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  • He is so KIND

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  • Low-key Zach's photos look better

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  • lil huddy: we need a strip pole me: FoR wHat?

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  • I love Addison rae she so nice!👁👄👁

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  • That's not what I meant I likes and

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  • Breaking time is the best /laughs*/

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  • I am subbie to ZHC and ZHC crafts yay 1,000 virtutal dollars :]

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  • 11 years later: customizes the white house

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  • Is sister part of the hype house tho

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  • Not gonna lie but he should give away things to people who need it not the famous ones just saying😕

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  • B-but charlie quit the hype house 😖

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  • My friend painted something just like the door

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  • 3080 surprising the world with a custom universe

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